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The Best Sites

Do you want to make money online, without it costing a single penny? Then you’ve come to the right place!

On this site you will discover the best ways to make money online - completely free!

So don’t delay - start earning online today!

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The idea of this site, Money Making Methods, is to help you  to make money online, for free.

The money making sites listed are all completely free to join and range from paid to click and paid to read sites, to online survey sites.

All the sites are easy to earn with and you don’t need any referrals to earn - though referrals do help!

There’s also a tips and tricks section to help get you started and some great traffic exchanges too!

So this site really will help you learn how to make money online for free!

There are many companies on the internet who want your help! They want you to use their services, complete surveys about their products and look at their websites. They reward you for these tasks by paying you. This creates lots of great opportunities to make money on the internet and it’s usually very simple to do!

However, it is often hard to know where to start and who to trust. There are so many sites out there that don’t pay. Some sites even charge you to sign up to their services or to receive information.

The aim of this site is to provide lots of information on the many different ways to make money online. It lists only legitimate sites which do pay and are completely free to join! It won’t make you rich overnight, but it will help you earn some extra cash - and we could all do with that!

There is no guarantee of how much you can earn with these sites, it all depends on where you live, if you have any referrals and how much time you spend on the site. This is the reason why I have not listed how much I have personally earned - some members may earn a lot more than this, others less.

There will be some work involved, such as filling in surveys and viewing websites, but how much you do all depends on how much time you want to spend. All the sites listed are free to join and you can earn without any referrals. However, more referrals does mean even more money!

The different types of money making opportunities include paid to click (PTC) and paid to read sites (PTR); survey sites; cashback sites and social networking sites.

So why not check out the best money making sites I’ve found and start earning online now!

If you are completely new to making money on the internet, I recommend you have a read of the How It Works section for some more information. This will tell you how the different types of programs work and, most importantly, how you can get paid!

Do you want to find out about the latest programs and get more information on how to make money online? Then please join my mailing list. It’s usually sent once a month and will tell you about the best new programs, the tops tips and the site of the month!

The site is updated often, so please bookmark it (press ctrl + D) and remember to come back again soon and see what’s new.

So how does it work?

So don’t delay - start earning online today!

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