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Traffic Sites

Save time, effort and money by using these great advertising tools.

Most are completely free to join and will help your advertising be more successful.

These top advertising tools are particularly useful if your advertising on traffic sites.

You can find out more great ways to make your advertising successful by reading my top 10 advertising tips!

These tools will help you implement those advertising tips.

I own this site and it is a free banner and site rotator. You add the sites or banners you want to advertise to the rotator and they take it in turns to show, using just one address. Even free members can have more than one banner and site rotator and the rotators are completely ad free. You can see the stats on your ads, so you know how often they are being shown. For banners, it also gives you the click through rate for each banner, so you can see which banners are working and which aren’t. You can easily pause, add, edit or delete the sites or banners in the rotator, saving you a lot of time! It is of course completely free to join and has a few ways of earning you money too! Click here for more!

Traffic Finches Toolbox

This is a relatively basic autoresponder, but it is completely free to join! An autoresponder is a great way of building your list and allows you to send messages automatically to everyone who joins your list. You can even set a series of messages of go out over several days, even weeks! You can set up a capture form and have it show over any website you want. However, because it’s free there is some advertising shown when people first join your list. List wire also has a free ad tracking feature, so you can find out which of your ads are working and which to scrap!

List Wire

I’ve included Referraler here, as well as on the traffic sites page, because it’s a very useful tool for advertising. It’s a free to join downline builder which lists lots of great manual traffic exchanges and other advertising tools. As it’s a downline builder, you can just advertise Referraler and potentially get referrals in all the sites it lists. You can also upgrade and add your own programs! Referrals in traffic exchanges means more credits, so your sites get seen more!


This is a great site for helping you organise all your traffic exchanges. You can link it with your traffic exchange accounts and check your advertising stats, add credits to your sites and also add banner and text add impressions too - all from TE Command Post. It has a great downline builder to help you get more referrals. It also is part of a “super surf” system, which incorporates Traffic Splash, Dragon Surf and Tezak Traffic Power and many more traffic exchanges, allowing you to earn even more credits. It sounds complicated, but basically, you just log into TE Command Post, make sure you add your username to the exchanges and then surf them - Traffic Splash, Tezak Traffic Power and Dragon surf are required, but lots of other exchanges, like Soaring 4 Traffic and Hit Safari let you earn even more too!

TE Command Post

This site is a downline builder for the top 20 traffic exchanges (as voted for by members) and also for other advertising tools. It does list a lot of sites and not all of them are free to join, but if you are looking for more traffic exchanges or advertising tools, you’ll find a lot here! As it’s a downline builder, just advertising Affiliate Funnel can potentially get you referrals in many more programs.  

Affiliate Funnel

Click here for some great traffic sites to advertise on!

And check out my top ad tips to make your advertising even more succesful!

This is a great splash page maker which gives you lots of flexibility in designing your splash pages so you can make them look very unique and professional - and much more eye catching! In case you don’t know, a splash page is a simple, eye catching site which you can use on traffic exchanges. It also lets you create banner ads and squeeze pages (splash pages with mailing lists/sign up boxes on). There are loads of clip art images you can use, as well as importing your own and the text editing tools are very impressive - you can really make your text unique and eye catching!

Ad Kreator