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If you’ve already joined my top 10 traffic sites and are after some more great traffic exchanges, then look no further!

Here are some more of my favourite traffic exchanges - all free to join!

Traffic Sites

This is a great traffic exchange with a 3:1 surf ratio, a 10 second timer and an increasing surf ratio. It gives away lots of free prizes as you surf and it also has the “Super Surf” with Traffic Splash and Tezak Traffic Power, so it’s best to surf these three traffic exchanges together.

Dragon Surf

This traffic exchange has a 3:1 surf ratio and a 10 second timer. Like with many traffic exchanges, you can also swap your credits for banner and text impressions.

Traffic Roundup

This traffic exchange has a list of about 8 sites and you pick which ones you want to view. This has the advantage of allowing members to include a short site description, telling members more about the site before they even view it. You earn 1-5 credits per view and the timer lasts 20 seconds.

Traffic Swarm

If you want to make the most of your advertising, then click here!

This manual traffic exchange is very popular and has a 2:1 surf ratio with a 6 second timer. You can also earn extra credits by keeping an eye on the surfbar for bonus credits and answering the security questions correctly whilst your surfing.

Hit 2 Hit

Link referral is a great and unique way of generating traffic. The site has a directory of websites which you add your site or referral link to. The higher you rank in your category, the more likely it is that people will view your site. They can also review it, giving you some great feedback on how much people like your site. You can get a higher rank by visiting other people’s sites and reviewing them and also by posting in Link Referrals’ forum.

Link Referral

This is an excellent manual traffic exchange. It has a 6 second surf timer and 10 credits is equal to 1 view of your site. The surf ratio is 10:4, which is 2.5:1 compared with other traffic exchanges. There are lots of prizes awarded as you surf and all new members get 1000 free credits (100 website views). New members also get a free platinum upgrade lasting a week.

Hit Booster Pro

This relatively new traffic exchange uses a very different style of surfing. This has made it very popular and successful. You get to choose what site you want to view from a series of pictures of the member’s advertising the site. This makes it great for branding yourself and is a great way to get to know your fellow marketers

Thumb Vu

This is a long running and popular traffic exchange. It has a 10 second timer and a 3:1 surf ratio. You can also earn credits from prize pages, jackpots and there’s banner and text advertising too.

Traffic Taxis

At this traffic exchange, 10 credits equal one view to your site. It has a 6 second surf timer and a 10:4 surf ratio (which equals 2.5:1). There’s also an increasing surf ratio which lasts the next day too! It awards lots of prizes whilst you surf, including free credits and banner and text ad impressions. All new members also get 1000 free credits (100 website views) and a free upgrade for a week.

High Hits