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How It Works

If you’re new to making money online, then here’s a guide on how to get started.

If you’re already using money making sites, the information can still help you make the most of the programs you use!

This 10 step Newbies Guide will help you get started with making money online and help you plan what to do!

There’s no time frame, so you can take as long as you like to complete each step.

1. The first thing I suggest is to have a read of the How It Works page. This will tell you about the different ways you can earn money online and how you can get paid.

2. It would then be a really good idea to set up a new email address just for money making sites. This way you can keep them separate from your other emails and it makes it much easier to be organised! Google mail (gmail) is a great choice as they have excellent spam filters and all money making sites I’ve found accept gmail accounts. You can create a Gmail account here.

3. I then really recommend that you join a few of the sites listed in my Top 10 List of money making sites. These are the best I’ve found and are a great way to get started. Try to resist the urge to join too many at once though! Just a few at a time is much better!

4. Once you’ve got the hang of using the sites you’ve joined, the next stage is to build your downline! More referrals means more money, so advertising your referral link is a great idea.

5. Join a few traffic sites and use these to advertise your referral links for the money making sites. The best traffic sites I’ve found are given here, though I do again urge that you don’t join too many at once! It’s also a very good idea to start to use a rotator for your referral links. Rotators, like Traffic Finches Toolbox, show each site in the rotator in turn. This means you can advertise and manage all your sites in one place and using just one URL.

6. Now you can start joining a few more money making sites and start advertising your referral links for them. Don’t forget – more referrals means more money! It’s also a good idea to advertise a few of your favourite traffic sites too, as more referrals means more credits and therefore more visitors to your sites! Referraler is a great downline builder for traffic sites and lists the top ones to join.

7. You should now be starting to earn a decent amount of money each month. If you want to move things onto a new level, then I recommend that you consider using this money you’ve earned to upgrade in a few sites. Upgrading in money making sites basically means more money for you, though this is of course optional.

8. Now is the time to really focus on advertising, especially those sites you’ve upgraded in. Traffic exchanges, safelists, blogs, forums, even your own website will all help you get those referrals!

9. Hopefully by now you’re starting to earn a substantial amount of money each month. You can keep it of course, but I do recommend you invest some in business opportunities online. This is where the big money is, though they do require much more work, especially in terms of referring new members – which is mainly how you make money! I’ve not listed any here, because I want to focus on free sites.

10. Well, if you’ve reached this far then well done! It’s just now a case of keep on going, keep advertising and getting those new members and keep on using all those sites you’ve joined!