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About Me

I’m pretty certain this won’t be the most riveting section of my website, but if you want to know a bit more about the person who created the site then read on.

Otherwise, I won’t blame you if you skip to the more juicy pages on money making opportunities!

Well this really isn’t a very exciting question I’m afraid but anyway, onto the answer! My name is Laura and I’m in my late twenties. I live in the UK, in the North West of England where it rains pretty much all the time. I’ve recently finished studying at university and now work in administration.

I have many hobbies, from arts and crafts to photography, walking, cycling and of course, making money online. I love reading and watching TV and films, though I seem to spend most of my time on the internet! One of my main interests is candle making and you can see my candle making website by clicking here. I also like drinking lots of tea and eating chocolate, but then who doesn’t!

I’ve set up a blog about myself and other various topics which you can view by clicking here. I’ve also got another blog specifically on making money online, which you can view by clicking here. You can also follow me on twitter here.

I know the standard is to have a picture of the site’s owner, but I really don’t like having my picture taken. I prefer being the one taking the photos! So just imagine me as a tall, slim and glamorous looking brunette!

So, why did I ever get into making money online? Well the answer is pretty simple really. Whilst I was at university I was your typical poor student with no time for an extra job! I had been told about online survey sites and thought, why not give it a try. As I continued to use online survey sites I soon saw the potential in making money online and I sought out more and more money making methods. Of course, being a poor student, I could only afford to join free opportunities!

I really got into making money online about two years ago and since then I have researched many different money making sites. I soon learnt that one of the best ways to get money from these sites is to build up your referral downline. One of my top priorities therefore, was to keep on learning about great ways of getting referrals.

I have since learnt a lot and decided to share my knowledge by creating a website. You can read about my top tips in the Tips and Tricks section. I also decided to list only free to join sites, as this really is the best way to get into online money making. However, there are some very good money making opportunities out there which you do have to pay a small fee for.

So that’s enough about me I think! As things change all the time in this mysterious world of online money making, I update this site often. I have even created a mailing list and a blog to pass on new and exciting developments, which I hope you will find interesting.

I’d love to know what you think of my site and any comments and suggestions you have. Therefore, please feel free to let me know what you think by posting in the site’s comments box or emailing me at silverduck2day (at)

Just in case, I thought I’d better include this section! I can’t guarantee I won’t ever misjudge a site, but if a site listed on here ever turns out to be useless, I will remove it asap. Please note that some sites can start off very well and then, as the money dries out, turn into scam sites which don’t pay. Some sites can get new owners too, which can turn a site around - either for good or bad!

I guarantee that all the information I have provided here is honest and true to the best of my knowledge. If you do find any mistakes please let me know.

Of course, it’d be silly to deny I don’t hope to get a few referrals myself through this website. Remember though, if a site doesn’t pay, I won’t benefit a jot from referring people to it. Therefore, I have no reason whatsoever to praise sites I know do not pay. I do not own any money making sites and have no connection to any of the sites listed other than being a member of them, except for Traffic Finches and the connected Traffic Finches Toolbox, which I do own.

Who Am I?

Why Money Making?

One Final Note