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Make your advertising really count by reading  these 10 top tips for advertising on traffic sites.

They will help your advertising be more successful, particularly in traffic sites.   

Ten Top Tips For Advertising

Here are some great tips for making the most out of your advertising. They are particularly useful if you are using traffic exchanges to advertise on.

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1) Use a splash page If you want your sites to stand out you need to use a splash page. A splash page is simply an attention grabbing webpage which quickly explains what your site is about and why people should join. A squeeze page is similar, but it contains a sign up form so people can opt in and join you list. These should also be clear, simple and eye catching.

2) Brand yourself – Try to use your name and the same logo or, better yet, a nice picture of yourself, on every splash page.  People will get to know you and, if they like what you’ve been advertising in the past, they are much more likely to act upon your splash page. Make sure you don’t get a bad reputation though, so be careful what you do advertise.

3) Have a clear “Call to action” - Tell people what to do! A simple “Click Here” or “Sign up Below” can make a world of difference. Try to have the call to action above the scroll line on the page.

4) Use a site rotator – A site rotator is simply a way of showing lots of sites with one web address. You add the sites you want to advertise to the rotator and they take it in turns to show. This means you can manage your adverts all in one place as any changes you make to the rotator are seen wherever you use the rotator. If you’re a member of several traffic exchanges, this can save you a lot of time!

5) Keep track of your ads – Knowing which of your ads are working and which aren’t means you can focus your time, effort and money on ads you know will get you results. By tracking your ads, particularly the click through rate (CTR) you will know which ads to keep and which to scrap.

6) Build your list – Start building a list of people you can advertise to later on. Use a squeeze page to collect their details and add them to your mailing list. This way, if you want to advertise a new product or site, you have a large database of people to advertise too! You’ll need some good bait to get people to join your list, such as offering them a free e-book or free advertising. Never SPAM your list, treat the members with respect and always give them the option of contacting you if they have any questions.

7) Make use of banner and text ads – A lot of sites give you banner and text ad impressions, usually as prizes for surfing. Though banner and text ads are usually not as effective as splash pages, they can help you brand yourself and get the name of your site more well know. Don’t just let your impressions sit there, make use of them!

8) Don’t advertise too many sites – People usually need to see your site a number of times before they will act upon it. If you advertise too many sites, that’s not going to happen and you’re just watering down your efforts.

9) Be careful how you assign your credits - Don’t assign your credits willy-nilly. Store them up and use a lot at once, or surf every day on the same exchanges and keep your sites constantly active. Remember, people usually need to see your ad several times before they do anything! It’s also good to keep a reserve supply of credits for when you need to advertise something quickly, like a new site that has just launched.

10) Try a downline builder – With a downline builder you can potentially get referrals in many sites,  by just advertising one program. This makes advertising much easier and more rewarding.

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