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The Best Sites

Below are my top ten favourite online money making sites. Most of them have been around for a long time and are very easy to use.

They are a great way to begin making money online and if you only want to join a few sites, I recommend checking these programs out!

If you are new to making money online, I recommend you first read the page on How It Works, so you know how the different types of programs work and how you can get paid!

There’s also a Newbies Guide, with a 10 step plan to help new people get started and also for the experts to find out more!

Once you’ve joined some of the sites, it’s a great idea to start advertising your referral links for them, as more referrals means more money.

You can find some great traffic sites to advertise on here.

Click here for the top tips on making more money!

This is another excellent paid to read email site, which is very similar to hits 4 pay. It gives you $5 just to sign up and the paid emails give you between 1 and 5 cents! You also earn 2 cents for every advert your referrals view too. The minimum payout is $30 via paypal. The emails have a link to a website or advert, which you view for about 30-40 seconds and then get paid!

Been paid? Yes.

Deals ‘n’ Cash - Pays you just for reading emails!

This is an excellent paid to read email site, which gives you $10 just to sign up! The emails are sent to the site's inbox, so when there’s an email to read, you are usually sent a notification. The emails are usually worth 2 cents, which doesn't sound like much, but it soon adds up. The minimum payout is $25 via paypal. This really is a great site I would definitely recommend joining!

Been paid? Yes.

Hits 4 Pay - Get paid to read emails!

This site pays you simply for being online! All you do is download a perfectly safe program which uses a little of your bandwidth (no spyware involved). It then pays you for running it in the background when you are connected to the internet; you hardly even know it's there!! Minimum payout is only $5 via paypal. I’ve been using it for years, never had any issues with the software and have been paid many times! You get paid automatically the following month, if you reach $5 at the end of any month

Been paid? Yes.

Gomez Peer - Get paid just for being online!

Donkey Mails PTC and PTR

This is both a paid to click and and a paid to read site which has a good range of adverts and emails each day. Most adverts are worth between 0.25 and 1 cent, which may not sound a lot but as the minimum payout is only $1 via paypal, it’s a fast little earner. Some adverts pay in points which you can use to buy your own advertising.

Been paid? Yes.

Donkey Mails - A long running PTC/PTR site

This is another of my favourite paid to click sites. It doesn't pay as well as some others as you only get 0.3 cents per advert. However, there are often many adverts to view and usually only a 20 second timer. There is also a great referral scheme and the minimum payout is only $5 via paypal.

Been paid? Yes.

Link Grand - A great paid to click site

This is another paid to click site, similar to wordlinx, with ads worth 0.1 to 2 cents and a timer ranging from 5 seconds to about 30 seconds. There are also other ways to earn money, such as completing offers and surveys. There are many different payment options, including cheques, Paypal and Alertpay, with a minimum payment of $8. There is also an upgrade option available which I definitely recommend as again you get shown more adverts and you earn more from referrals.

Been paid? Yes

Clixsense - Another brilliant paid to click site!

This is my favourite paid to click site and it pays you just for visiting websites! You get paid 0.1 to 1 cent for viewing ads for 5 to 30 seconds. They also send out some paid to read emails. Payout is via paypal when you have reached $10. The yearly upgrade option gives you a lot more ads to click, so it’s well worth upgrading!

Been paid? Yes.

Word Linx - View websites, get paid!

This site is the sister site of Donkey Mails and, as such, it runs in a very similar way. The pay per click is a bit less, around 0.1 cents, but there are still many ads to click. Like Donkey Mails, it’s a fast little earner and there is no minimum payout. You can earn from your referrals down many levels and payout options include paypal and alertpay.

Been paid? Yes.  

No Minimum - PTC / PTR

This site functions mainly as a manual traffic exchange, so it’s a great way to advertise your referral links for the sites above - more referrals means more money! It has a 1:1 surfing ratio so for every site you view, you get 1 view to your site. You also get 30 cents for every 1000 sites you view and the minimum payment is only $3 via paypal. It has lots of prize pages and some some pretty useful tools to help you advertise, including site rotators and a splash page maker.

Been Paid? Yes.

Easy Hits 4 U - Get paid with this traffic exchange!

This is a great UK paid to click site and one of the earliest I ever joined. It’s been around a long time and usually has a very good range of adverts. There is a paid to click, paid to read and a paid to sign up section. The pay is about a 1/4 penny per advert, but it soon adds up and they have a low payout level, via paypal, of only £3.

Been paid? Yes.

Archer Fish - A very popular UK PTC/PTR site