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How It Works

There are lots of different types of money making sites out there. They all reward you for completing certain tasks and are classed as “get paid to” sites.

Below is a definition of the most common types of “get paid to” sites and how each one works.

Lets start with the most important topic first, how you actually make money! Well after you have completed the relevant “get paid to” task, your account with that money making program will be credited. Some sites use a point system, others use an actual currency, usually US dollars.

Most sites have a minimum payout, which you need to reach before you can cashout and receive your earnings. Some sites pay you automatically when you reach the minimum payout, other sites have a request payment system. Most sites listed here pay via paypal. I find this the most convenient and secure way to pay. You can find more information about paypal by clicking here.

There are other ways you can be paid too, such as through gift vouchers, cheques and even nice gifts. The method of payment depends on the money making site in question and a number of sites give you a choice of several different options.

How Do You Earn Money?

So, how do you actually earn money and reach the minimum payout? Well, that all depends on the type of site in question, which are described below.

Paid to click sites are one of the easiest and most common type of money making sites around. The way these work are simple; advertisers want people to view their websites so they pay to advertise with PTC programs. These programs then pay you to view the advertiser’s website (the ads) for a certain length of time. You’re account with the PTC program is then credited and you receive your earnings when you have reached a minimum payment level.

For PTC sites, the ads are listed on the program’s website and ads are usually available regularly, so it’s a good idea to check them daily. The amount you receive per click (for each ad you view) varies, but most range from 0.25 cents to 1 cent. It may not sound like a lot, but it can soon add up and they are very easy to use.

Paid to read sites work pretty much the same as PTC sites but the ads are sent to you in an email rather than listed on the program’s website. The email you are sent usually contains a brief summary of the site and an ad link to click. You are then credited for viewing this just like with PTC programs.

In fact, most sites are both PTC and PTR as they work so similarly. However, most scam sites are PTC/PTR sites so be careful - they often just don’t pay you! The sites listed on here are genuine. Discover loads of great PTC/PTR sites by clicking here.

How Do You Get Paid?

Paid to Click - PTC

Paid to Read - PTR

Traffic sites are a great way to advertise your referral links and they work on the principal that you view other people’s websites and in turn they view yours. The main type of traffic site is a Traffic Exchange. For these sites you “surf” the exchange and are shown one site after another. Most traffic exchanges have a ratio system which is how many credits you earn per site view. A 2:1 ratio means that for every 2 sites you view, you earn one advertising credit whereas a 3:1 ratio means you earn 1 credit for every 3 sites you view. These credits can then be used to advertise your sites and referral links, with 1 credit giving you one view (or hit) to your site. Some traffic exchanges also have a progressive or increasing surf ratio. This means that after you surf a certain number of sites, your surf ratio increases and you earn more credits per site view. Sometimes you can even have a higher surf ratio the next day!

There are basically two different types of traffic exchanges: manual traffic exchanges and auto surf exchanges. These differ in only one respect - for manual exchanges you need to complete a little task after each website view, usually clicking the correct number, whereas auto-surfs just go straight onto the next site after the timer has finished.

Most traffic exchanges also have banner and text adverts too, which are another great way to advertise your referral links. Most traffic exchanges allow you to swap your credits for banner or text ads, with 1 banner / text ad impression giving you 1 display of your banner / text ad. Some sites even let you advertise banner and text ads for free, so you don’t need to swap any credits.

Other types of traffic sites include safelists and text ad exchanges. These sites send you emails and have adverts on their sites which earn you points when you view them. These points can then be swapped for your own adverts such as emails (usually called solo emails). In a way they work like PTC sites, only you earn advertising credit rather than actual money.

My favourite type of traffic site are traffic exchanges and I find these the easiest to use. Safelists and text ad exchanges require a bit more work. Though they are effective, I do warn you, don’t join too many at once! You’re email account can very quickly get flooded with emails if you join too many safelists or text ad exchanges! The best traffic sites I’ve found are shown here.

Traffic Sites

The main purpose of downline builders is to help you gain referrals (your downline) in programs. Downline builders are usually aimed at money making sites or traffic sites and are usually free to join. They list a range of sites, of which you can join as many or as few as you like. Once you’ve joined the sites the downline builder lists, you add your referral links to the downline builder (usually just your username or user number).

You would then advertise the downline builder itself and get some referrals to the downline builder. When these referrals join the sites the downline builder lists, they would use your referral links (as long as you’ve added them). So by advertising the one downline builder, you can get potential referrals in even more programs!

Downline Builders

There are many other types of sites which pay you for certain tasks, such as surveys and cashback sites, though the ones listed above are the most common. Other types of tasks you can get paid for include, playing games, writing reviews, posting in forums and using social networking sites.

These types of sites usually make their money from advertisements on their site and pay you to encourage you to use their services (and hence view those adverts).

Some traffic sites also pay you for surfing their exchanges and a lot of money making sites pay you extra if your referrals upgrade their account.

Other Get Paid To Sites

Check out the Newbies Guide for your 10 step plan to making money online!

Most money making sites pay you for referring new people to their program. To do this, they give you a special referral link which you can give to friends and family. Some sites also give you banner and text ads you can use too.

When people sign up to the program through your referral link, they become your referrals and you receive extra money. Some sites pay you a one off payment, other’s pay you a certain percentage of your referral’s earnings. For example, if the bonus is 10% and your referral earns $1, you will receive an extra 10 cents. This referral bonus is usually credited to your account every time your referrals earn. They usually set it up in levels, with level one being your referrals, level 2 being their referrals and so on and you can often earn down several levels. This all means that the more people you refer to the money making site, the more money you will potentially make.


These sites basically pay you for shopping online! When you buy something from the shops listed on the cashback site, you receive a certain amount of money back - cashback. This is usually about 2-3% of the money spent. Online shops give money back to encourage people to use their shops and they pay the money to the cashback site. The cashback site then gives you a certain proportion of this commission - so you get paid for shopping online!

Most cashback sites also have other ways of making money, so you don’t necessarily have to buy anything. There is usually a paid to click section, sometimes also a paid to read section. Most cashback sites also have a paid to sign up section and surveys too! The best UK cashback sites I’ve found are given here.

Cashback Sites