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Tips and Tricks

Below are some great tips and tricks on how to make the most out of money making programs.

If you want to make even more money online, I recommend reading through these!

The Top Ten Tips and Tricks!

1) Refer new people to the programs Pretty much all money making sites pay you for referring other people to their program. By advertising your referral links on traffic exchanges and inviting friends and family, you can earn even more money! However, please don’t spam, no one likes it!

2) Don’t join too many sites at once – Though it can be tempting to join up to everything at once, it’s better to join a few sites at a time as they can quickly become very time consuming. This way you have time to get to know the program and learn all the different ways you can earn with that site. It also allows you to be more focused on building up your referral downline.

3) Learn to multi-task – Most money making tasks don’t have to be done one at a time. You can have several PTC sites open and you don’t have to sit there and wait for the timer to finish. You can be writing in paying forums and using traffic sites whilst you’re waiting for ad timers to finish. You can even use PTC and traffic sites whilst you’re watching TV or chatting on the internet!

4) Be Organised – Sorting the different sites into order of preference is a great way to get organised. You can sort the sites into categories such as how well they pay and how often they are updated by using different folders in the favourites/bookmarks facility. You can also organise your different sites by using different email addresses. Google mail lets you have several accounts and you may find it useful to say use one for PTR sites, another for traffic sites etc.

5) Get into a good routine – Some sites have new earning opportunities daily and some sites pay more than others. If you have a set routine, for example completing all the paid to read emails at a certain time each day, it can really maximise your time. My routine is to complete all the survey invitations I’ve been sent, then to complete the daily clicks in my cashback sites and finally, I post a few messages in forums whilst using the paid to click sites, which I do in order of how much they pay!

6) Make the most of online blogs and forums – If you have an online blog this is a great way to tell people about your favourite money making sites. Online forums can also provide a great opportunity to advertise your money making sites, especially if you’re allowed links in your signatures. Twitter and social networking sites like Facebook can also be a very effective for advertising.

7) Honesty is the best policy – If you’re trying to advertise your referral links, it’s best to be as honest as possible. Don’t over praise sites as most people will start to smell a rat. Just be honest and give a good explanation of the programs and the earning potential and you will find it much easier to introduce new referrals to the programs.

8) Don’t Cash Out too Soon - If you receive your earnings via paypal, then you will normally have to pay a fee to receive that money. This is one of the problems of using paypal. The fee always includes a fixed fee, about 30 cents, and a % of the money paid to you. Therefore, if you cash out at say $2 rather than $1, you will only have to pay the fee once, saving you money! Other payment methods, like bank transfer or vouchers, can be a good way of cashing out (and avoiding paypal fees!)

9) Keep track of any ads you place - If you do place ads in traffic exchanges, or use your earnings to buy some, then it’s a good idea to track how well they are doing. If you don’t place too many ads at a time and keep note of how many new referrals you get, you can see how well an ad is working. You can also use an ad tracker to see how many times a link has been shown or clicked on.

10) Be Patient – Sadly the programs listed on here won’t make you rich overnight. Indeed any program which says it will I wouldn’t trust as far as I can throw it! Most money making opportunities instead help you earn some extra money and it can take quite a while to build up. So be patient, follow the tips above and try to build up your referral downline. That way you should start to earn a reasonable amount of extra money online.

Remember - the key to making more money online is referring people. You can find some great traffic sites to advertise on here.

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