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Traffic Sites

Most money making sites reward you for referring new people to the site. This means that more referrals = more money!

Traffic sites are an excellent way of advertising and can help you refer more members.

There are thousands of traffic sites out there, but below are my top 10 favourite traffic sites.

If you’re not sure how traffic sites work, then please first click here to learn all about them!

You may also be interested in these great tools you can use to help your advertising and my top 10 tips for advertising!

All these traffic exchanges are completely free to join and are a great way to advertise your referral links!

Well, this is my favourite traffic generating site and I can personally recommend it as I own it! It is a manual traffic exchange with a 2:1 surfing ratio and a 10 second timer. It has a progressive surf ratio, a next day surfing bonus and daily, weekly and monthly surfing contests. You can also advertise your banner and text ads for free too! Click here for more!

Traffic Finches

This site is also in my top 10 money making sites list, but as it is a manual traffic exchange, it deserves another mention here. It is my favourite traffic site (apart from my own!) and it’s one of the biggest and longest running exchanges there is! It has a 1:1 surfing ratio, a 20 second timer and, as well as credits, you earn 30 cents for every 1000 sites you view. There’s also loads of prize pages and extra tools to help you advertise, including a splash page maker.

Easy Hits 4 U

This a very popular manual traffic exchange which has lots of bonus prizes whilst you surf. You also earn “surf rewards” of free banner or text ads for surfing over 100 sites in a day. The surf ratio is only 3:1, but it does have a quick 6 second timer. You can also earn extra credits for surfing it’s partner traffic sites at the same time - Dragon Surf and Tezak Traffic Power. You do have to be a member of

TE Command Post for this, but that’s a great (and free!) site too! You usually get 10% at each exchange for super surfing, sometimes it can even be 100-150% extra, so it’s definitely worth it!

Traffic Splash

Click here for even more great traffic exchanges

This manual traffic exchange has an increasing 2:1 surf ratio, a 6 second timer and lots of prize pages. This is also a “Power Surf Central” site, so you can also earn extra credits and points by “Power” surfing at these other two traffic exchanges on the same day - Real Hitz 4 U and Soaring 4 Traffic. You also get weekly and monthly bonuses for “Power” surfing too! The points you can swap for credits and even monthly upgrades!

Hit Safari

This is another of my favourite traffic sites. I always get excellent results here, a high conversion rate and lots of prizes! You get a surf ratio of 1:3 as a free member, banner ads and text impressions and they offer very nice upgrade options. They also have what’s called “Power Surf Central” where Soaring 4 Traffic joins up with Real Hitz 4 U and Hit Safari and if you surf all three you can get lots of excellent rewards, including upgrades and free credits!

Soaring 4 Traffic

This is a great traffic site which has a unique script. There’s lots of prizes whilst you surf, has a 3:1 ratio and an 8 second timer. Also has a downline builder and you can pick which sites you want to add and you can even use this as a splash page!

Lords of Traffic

This is a very new and fun traffic exchange which works differently to other traffic sites because everyone views one site at the same time. Everyone can add comments and ask questions about the sites so it’s a great way to get feedback. You can be there when your site is being shown and reply to any comments and questions. To have your site shown, you make a bid using your credits, which you earn from viewing other members sites and completing tasks, such as tweeting about Sweeva. It’s great for branding too, as people can see your name and picture when you make comments.


My favourite thing about this site is the brilliant “deep sea” design - it makes surfing here so much more fun! It’s another manual traffic exchange from the same owner as Hit Safari and if you surf both you can get extra credits. It has a 2:1 surf ratio and a 6 second timer and lots of prize pages! They also fun games whilst you surf, so it makes surfing here much more fun!

Deep Sea Hits

This traffic exchange is one of the longest running and most popular exchanges out there. It has a 1:3 surf ratio, but lots of bonuses and a short timer. It also has banner and text ads too, so there’s several different ways you can advertise.

I Love Hits

This is a fantastic downline builder for manual traffic exchanges and lots of other types of sites too, like PTC sites and business opportunities. You can even upgrade and add 3 of your own programs and earn money too. However, it’s as a traffic exchange downline builder that I really recommend it. As it’s a downline builder, you can just advertise Referraler and potentially get referrals in all the sites it lists!